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development recently approved by the PAPPE program of FACEPE.


AMCHAM/Recife - Recife Competitivo


PEGASUS participated in the COMPETITIVE RECIFE event, promoted by AMCHAM in January 2017, whose objective was to discuss the problems and solutions that are being and will be adopted to make RECIFE an even more competitive city to receive investments and the installation of large companies.

Mayor Geraldo Júlio was present at the event, where he presented his second plan of government, listened to suggestions from the businessmen and suggested partnerships to make Recife more competitive.

On this occasion, PEGASUS and the Municipality of RECIFE signed a partnership with the purpose of making the city of RECIFE  the  pilot  of  the  development  and installation  of the new  SMARTCITIES  project  of  PEGASUS,  which had    its