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innovations and technological solutions in companies. Each institution will outline its programs and mechanisms to promote innovation for companies and will be available to interact with the participants of the event


Caravana da Inovação


Pegasus participated in the Caravan of Innovation of Pernambuco held at ITEP - Institute of Technology of Pernambuco, on 09/02/2016.

The Innovation Caravan is a SECTI-PE initiative whose main objectives were to discuss with the society the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategies for the State of Pernambuco, prepared by this Secretariat, with the contribution of the local agents of the Pernambuco System of Innovation (SPIn) and disseminate some of the main tools to support innovation in the company through the Innovation Workshop.

The Innovation Workshop brings together some of the main institutions  for  the  development,  support   and   financing   of