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Today, there is a great deal of concern for information security, data integrity, and low-cost productivity. In the case of maritime terminals, those responsible for security are the customs entities. These are the function of inspecting the goods that arrive every day or leave the ports, as well as the people who by sea try to enter the country. Control over container traffic has increased significantly in the world, which makes customs activity quite demanding.


The ContainerView product is composed of system, cameras, sensors and components, which in an integrated way, capture and process the images with container codes and truck license plates. The solution can also be integrated with other automation devices of the concierge, such as totems, gates, traffic lights, among others.

In compliance with RFB 3.518, dated September 30, 2011, the solution keeps the images and texts processed in its database for a long period of time, thus meeting all the requirements required by the Internal Revenue Service.

Product Functions

*  The ContainerView product automatically identifies the container codes and truck license plates at the customs terminals.

*  Reduces the time of the containers to stay in the customs of entry and exit of the bonded enclosures.


*  It allows the integration of data with the client's customs management system.


*  It can be integrated with automation devices, such as gates, traffic lights, totems, among others.


*  Allows queries to the system by the IRS through the internet.

Product Description