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Parking: Technology Promises Stricter Access Control



To improve parking security in residential and commercial condominiums, in addition to promoting a more rigorous control of suppliers, employees and visitors access, a new access control system arrives in the market, where the camera itself reads the license plates. storage and image storage, saving investment in server and storage.

This is the PlateView Embedded system, launched by the Swedish manufacturer Axis Communications and the Brazilian developer Pegasus Tecnologia, who work in the video-monitoring industry. According to them, the solution prevents the entry of non-registered vehicles and records the times of entry and exit of the subscribers, allowing the doorman to focus on other functions.

At  full   HD   resolution,  the  AXIS  M1125-E  camera  captures

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vehicle license plates and operates the Pegasus software algorithms by itself. Between the reading of the plate and the release of the gate, the total time is up to two seconds. If the plate does not match those listed on the base plate, the gate remains closed.


According to the manufacturers, the management of the lists of plates is made through an interface that allows to add or to withdraw authorizations easily. "If a lease expires, for example, it is possible to list the ex-resident's vehicle card to prevent his access, even if he knows the doorman," explains Amaro Monteiro, director of Pegasus Technology.

Condos that prefer to keep their current vehicular access control systems, whether automated or not, will be able to use the new plate-reading technology as an enhancement to current security. When the system identifies an unlisted or blacklisted vehicle, it may send an alert to the receiver or e-mail to the receiver, without however preventing or releasing any access. "It does not matter if the condominium prefers to control the gate by other means. Residents can protect their space against unauthorized service providers, unwanted visitors and any vehicles used by potential criminals, "concludes Andrei Junqueira, Axis sales manager.

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