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costs it is possible to increase the level of security of the condominiums in the entrance of vehicles, releasing the porter the execution of other functions.


Expo PredialTec 2016


Pegasus participated in the ExpoPredialTec 2016 event, which took place in the Anhembi - São Paulo exhibition park, and demonstrated on its stand the operation of the PlateView Embedded software, which runs 100% on Axis cameras, and which can also control the opening of cancel using the camera's I / O port.

It was possible to demonstrate the approx. 100% accuracy of the embedded software in the recognition of vehicle license plates.

The great message passed to the public by Pegasus was that it is possible to automate the entrance of vehicles in parking lots of condominiums using only 1 license of the software of PlateView Embedded  + 1 camera  + 1 cancels. Thus, with  low