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Nowadays, facial images are increasingly used as a form of facial recognition.


Face information is a powerful tool for applications such as security, entertainment, law enforcement, among others.

A wide range of applications such as human face recognition systems, surveillance systems, video conferencing systems, among others, has as a prerequisite, the location of the face and extraction of its characteristics.

We are developing our facial recognition product, adding value as recognition of the facial expressions of recognized people.

  • Face recognition can greatly assist in identifying and authenticating people in access control processes of people in various applications and processes.

  • Identifying levels of satisfaction from your facial expressions is an innovation that will bring customers. Based on the customer's facial expressions in places such as showcases, artistic attractions, product launches, and operational changes in the form of service, it is possible to position cameras to recognize the level of customer satisfaction.

  • Recognition and monitoring of individuals in crowds.

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