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It is a solution composed of hardware and software, forming a product for the monitoring and processing of images, through several cameras arranged at strategic points in places with great human and vehicle concentration. Based on the processed images and the predetermined rules, it is possible to quantify and qualify people's behavior in different situations.

FlowView software uses digital image processing techniques, neural networks, facial and body biometrics, based on the acquisition of images, resulting in different treatments of the information produced.

It is possible to delimit areas of interest, register people, process people tracking, record behavioral patterns, and provide targeted management information.


  • From the strategic parameterization of the areas of interest to be monitored, it is possible to observe the occupancy flows of these areas, the meanings of the movements, the average length of stay, the average number of people within these areas, and the paths traveled by the people , passing through the areas of interest, ie it is possible, for example, to reach important conclusions to subsidize marketing and commercial campaigns of large shopping centers.

  • The purpose of the FlowView product is to assist in the decision making and follow-up of the commercial and operational managers, marketing campaigns and satisfaction implemented in plants of great human movement, like mall, airports, concerts, fairs, events, conventions, etc.

  • As a competitive differential, the FlowView project aims to identify the majority of people in the plants monitored from the register associated with each person, making it possible to provide management information in a segmented manner, by schooling, age group, gender, etc., which it allows to deepen the behavioral study of human flows.

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