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ISC Brasil 2018 Event


Pegasus participated in the ISC Brasil 2018 fair, which was held in São Paulo, Expo Center Norte on 06, 07 and 08 March.

Two of our products have been exhibited, the first being plate reader software (LPR), PlateView Embedded, which processes 100% shipped in Axis cameras and that can perform the activation of gates or electronic gates without the need The new face recognition software, FaceView - Multiple Faces, is capable of identifying and processing multiple faces in the same image, suitable for identifying several people simultaneously in large moving locations such as such as football stadiums, airports, shopping malls, shows, among others.

The FaceView - One  Face  product has  also been  developed

Beside, we have a short video demonstrating how our products that were exhibited at the fair work, such as: PlateView Embedded and FaceView - Multiple Faces (Analytical Facial Recognition in Crowds).

Below is the link to the Jornal Nacional report, which was presented on 03/03/2018, where plaque reading and facial recognition solutions were mentioned in condominiums.



for facial recognition of a single person per image. Its main application is to recognize people to meet access control systems.


Like the last 3 years, Pegasus exhibited its products in the stand of its partner Axis, where they were shown solutions that attracted the attention of the public in the 3 days of the fair.