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Daily, several employees are used to cube and weigh the volumes manually. Often, the dimensions and weights stated in the invoices do not coincide with those checked manually.

The collection processes of the carriers and logistic operators are based mainly on two parameters: actual weight and volumetric dimensions of the loads.

Using digital imaging and neural network techniques, the PackView solution calculates the dimensional weight (cubed weight) of the moving loads on a set of crawlers, and in addition to the cubed weight it also identifies the actual weight of the moving loads . This information is passed on to the transportation   and   storage   systems   of  logistic  operators, 

enabling the collection of more accurate and fair services. The recognition of cargo volumetry also favors the best use of the spaces inside the warehouses and trucks.

Product Functions

*  Calculates in an automated way, the weight and the cuba of the loads in movement on mats.

*  Information is passed to the logistics collection system and carrier.

*  Accurate storage and freight, calculated on the basis of actual weight and dimensions of loads.

*  It avoids the evasion of revenues in the collection of freights and warehouses.

Product Description

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