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Descripción del Producto

Produtc Description

The PlateView Embedded system is installed and runs 100% inside the camera. It captures, processes, and recognizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) codes as the vehicle passes through the camera's motion detection area.

After card recognition, the system records the data in the camera's SDCard with the results of its processing, storing the records with the captured images, the recognized card, the processing date / time and the indication if the card is marked in your black list relationship. 

The PLATEVIEW EMBEDDED software detects the approach of the vehicle by both electrical sensors (inductive loop, photoelectric sensor, etc.) and by motion detection of the camera.

Within 2 seconds of detection, the software recognizes the card and stores the result in the camera's SDCard, such as card code, image used, date and time of processing, processing time, and indication if the was on the system's white or black list. If it was on the white list, then the software can send dry contact through the digital output port of the camera to the opening of the gate or electric gate.

The camera data can be centralized in the PLATFORMVIEW SERVER (Data Management Platform). This is software that will run on the client application server and will be responsible for communicating with all the cameras containing the embedded PLATEVIEW EMBEDDED software. The management platform will also be responsible for bringing the results of the LPR process to the server environment, writing the data to the database, providing client queries, and generating interfaces with software that runs in the server environment, such as ACCESS CONTROL software.

The ACCESS CONTROL software of the customer, through the data management platform, can receive the data generated by PLATEVIEW EMBEDDED immediately and for a certain period of time, and in the opposite direction, send to the platform the data of the boards in black and white list , which will then be sent to all cameras with the PLATEVIEW EMBEDDED software. Thus, even if there is a break in the network or client application server, cameras with PLATEVIEW EMBEDDED software will not fail to service LPR processing and opening of the client gate or gate. When the network or application server is re-established, the processing data will be transmitted by the platform to the client ACCESS CONTROL software.

Produtc Functions

*  Live: The user can monitor the camera stream in real time and whenever the detection function is activated, lines will be shown with the captured images, the recognized card, the date and time of the processing. The color of the table row will be dark if the board is marked in its black list relationship.

*  Seach: You can view historical plate information in a given period. It is also allowed to view the plates that have been blacklisted in a certain period.

*  Authorized: This option allows the registration of license plates of vehicles that will be allowed to enter a certain area.

*  Blocked: The user can register in the system black list relation the codes of the plates that he / she wants to follow prominently whenever these vehicles are processed by the system. The function also lets you exclude the cards from their blacklist relationship.

* Configurations: The PlateView Embedded system installer should use this screen to record the system parameters in the installation / maintenance of the camera.

*  About: It is used to inform the purpose and functionality of the PlateView Embedded system, product version and contact information of the company responsible for the system.