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This product is intended for the management of parking lots from the automatic processing and recognition of vehicle license plates using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

PlateView can be deployed in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, businesses, condominiums, buildings, or any other location where vehicle identification adds value to parking security and control processes.

If the car park already has management systems with cameras, totems and gates, the company offers the PlateView DLL component, which can be integrated into the system to process vehicle plate images and give more visibility to the process.

Product Functions

* Automation of the process of recognition of plates in points of access and checking of vehicles.

* Record all acknowledgments made in the system database.

* Can be integrated with the AccessView system or the client access control system.

* Provides reports and queries to audit accesses.

* The system is complete, made up of hardware and software, which together make the recognition of vehicle license plates.

* If the customer already has a parking management system, we can provide the PlateViewDLL component.

Product Description