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Once completed, the "CityView" product will be an important tool for public managers, utilities, public security agencies and society at large who can share the information produced by the product "CitytView" .


PAPPE Award Economic Grant - CityView Project


In January 2017, PEGASUS's "CityView" project was one of four projects selected by FACEPE in Pernambuco to receive funding from its PAPPE - Economic Subsidy Program. PAPPE's resources will be used to fund research and development (R & D) activities of the "CityView" project.

The "CityView" project of PEGASUS was created based on the concepts of SMARTCITIES used in the world, that seek to improve the life of the people in the big metropolis. Using high-resolution cameras scattered throughout the city's strategic points and advanced imaging techniques, the "CityView" project aims to identify, qualify and monitor the behavior of people in the occupation and use of public spaces offered in large cities.