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The SpeedView Embedded software was development to be installed and run 100% inside the camera. It does image processing and recognizes the individual speed of vehicles passing through the monitored area.


After reading the speed, SpeedView will write data to the camera's SDCard, such as the image and speed of the vehicle, the date / time of the processing and the indication if the vehicle has exceeded the speed limit reported in the software.


Speed ​​can be set to the maximum speed allowed, and when the vehicle exceeds this speed, its registration will be shown in the LIVE screen in red color and the register will also be stored with speed indication above the permitted speed.

SpeedView software does the speed reading of the vehicles through its functions with motion detection.


The metadata generated by the SpeedView software can be transmitted to Pegasus platform software called PlatformView Server, which installed on a server in the data network or in the client's cloud, can receive and centralize all metadata generated by Pegasus analytical software, such as SpeedView, PlateView, SafeView, among others.


PlatformView Server software is a data management system responsible for storing, querying and integrating data with third-party systems, and it can also be used to merge the results generated by different Pegasus analyzers, to join PlateView's plate reading results with speed reading made by SpeedView

Product Functions

  • Live: The user can monitor the stream of the camera in real time and whenever the detection function is activated, lines will be shown with the captured images, the date and time of the processing, as well as the speed detected.

  • Seach: The user can consult historical information of passage of vehicles in a certain period.

  • Configuration: The SpeedView Embedded system installer should use this screen to register the system settings in the installation / maintenance of the camera.

  • About: It is used to inform the purpose and functionality of the SpeedView Embedded system, product version and contact information of the company responsible for the system.

Product Description