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The meeting of the TYCO partners took place from 07 to 10 May / 2017 in a wonderful Farm Hotel in the interior of São Paulo.

It was a great opportunity for PEGASUS to demonstrate to its TYCO partners the operation of its embedded LPR (PlateView Embedded) software, its high card reading accuracy, and the new integration of its LPR software with VMS and access control software of TYCO, the software: CCure 9000, Kantech and Exaqc Vision.

The demonstration of PEGASUS was very well received by all those present, namely that from now on the access control software from TYCO, CCure 9000 and Kantech, will be able to receive   read   data   from   the   boards   through    WIEGAND

communication, present in all  EDGE controllers used by TYCO software.

Therefore, during the event, we all saw great business opportunities with the TYCO-PEGASUS partnership, utilizing the integration of PEGASUS analytics for plate reading, face recognition, among others, with TYCO access control software installed throughout the world.


TYCO 2017 – Annual Meeting of Partners